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Kasia’s Betterbosses story
In 2014 I was managing a logistics team, when one of my team leaders had the courage to present to me her take on my leadership skills. She said: “Kasia, you are a lovely person, but a truly hateful boss. You think that by pushing us around you’ll get cooperation and results, but the more you push, the more we resist.” She stunned me as I had just been“applying” what my bosses had taught me… But it was that exact day that I realised I needed to go on a search of what defines great & loveable leadership. The kind we all wished we had.
In this search I pushed my own boundaries of logic and engineering aside and incorporated things like psychology, neurocognition and behavioural science. I researched the fields of sales and neuromarketing and dared to dig deep in my own personal development through mindful, loving and spiritual techniques. The common denominator was always the same question: “what is the fundamental human nature for decision making”. 
In 2020, as I was leading a team of independent trainers and coaches, one of them approached me to say: “I’ve never had a boss like you, I’ve never seen anybody in leadership succeed at putting their ego aside and inspiring a group of people so naturally as you do. You know we would follow you straight into the unknown.” 
I’ve come a long and hard way, and I’m still learning, but this journey of mine serves as my inspiration to guide others on the same path. You too can become a great leader and a lovely boss who others will wish to follow into the unknown. Not because you push, threaten or reward, but because you rely on the inherent knowledge of your own mind. 
Our work and this website is here to inspire you to be the passionate change you wish to see in your teams so that together you can make a contribution to a better world.
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