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At Betterbosses we are always looking for great stories, so dear business leader, will you share yours?
Is it a clash of generations, a team that never was asked to engage, piercing old routines and habits, lack of people skills, a really difficult & rigid middle management or maybe too little structure overall… Surely you have got a lot to share. 
Every business transformation is unique and faces its own change challenges. But every business transformation is also full of inspiring stories for other leaders. Our work is to share these stories and guide leadership towards effortless change strategies. 
At Betterbosses we are always looking for great stories. Stories of your change challenges, your failures and doubts, your successes and contributions. Tell me what you are struggling with in the field of organisational change because your story can inspire and enlighten others! 
Send your story to & receive a personal feedback from the field of brain & behaviour science – share this post to reach as many leaders as possible
We are looking forward!