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I recall when this picture was taken, I was about to give birth to my second girl Charlotte and kept on training & coaching until the very end…

These trainings were by far the most intense for me, but also the most fulfilling as “something” used to happen to the participants in those days: my obvious state of “humanness” made even the coldest people take out their phones to show pictures of their (grand)children. It was like a connection of trust was established instantly
As if people were thinking “if she is about to become a mother and care for a human being, she probably can take care of me too”

People’s #learning capability just explodes when they feel safe!

I did consider just going through life with a constant pillow under my dress, but sooner or later somebody would start asking questions 🙂

So how do we re-create that instant trust-feeling when we want to open somebody’s mind to new learnings?

I learned that making our “humanity” visible is needed and that this works in many ways:

  • share a personal “small story” when you first meet somebody
  • show that you are not “great” at every achievement
  • don’t over-prepare, stay open to the unexpected
  • show you care/love/are passionate about something simple – we all are!

Typically “being human” remains behind a locked door to many of us, the door of “fear of making mistakes”. My friend Jelle Rood was a great help in my own journey to learn how to deal with mistakes and the fear of being ridiculed or rejected. Discover his podcast on Spotify right here.